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Additional Member Benefits at No Cost!

Through a partnership with American Income Life Insurance Company, additional benefits are being provided to select New Zealand organizations.


• A $2,000 Gift Certificate for each adult over age 18 which covers Accidental Death Benefit free for the 1st year, $2 a year renewal thereafter (no medical questions or exams required)

• Child Safe Kits for all your children and grandchildren (Helps and aids law enforcement and authorities in the event of a lost child, kidnapped or abducted event)

• Internet Surfing Guide (educate parents on the dangers of Cyberbullying, Sexual Predators, and Sexting) and how to detect and prevent issues thereof

• Family Information Guide (A simple to fill out document that will help your family and the Funeral Director when a loved one passes away, and also to help in the repatriation to another country)


Fill in the form below and An AIL representative will contact you to arrange a convenient time to deliver your benefits and review other supplemental insurance benefits that may be available.