The Happiest Companies To Work For In 2018

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Companies that keep employees happy aren’t just helping their workers—they’re helping themselves, since satisfied workers are more productive. In fact, a mutual fund that invests in companies with positive workplace ratings, Parnassus Endeavor, has beaten the market handily over the past 10 years.

To see the top 25 happiest companies to work for, read the following list:

25. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
24. American Income Life Insurance Company
23. Fidelity Investments
22. Pfizer
21. Chase
20. Kaiser Permanente
19. Citrix Systems
18. The Vanguard Group
17. iGATE
16. Qualcomm
15. Leidos
14. Quicken Loans
13. Apple
12. Starbucks
10. TruGreen
09. PNC Financial Services Group
08. Bristol-Myers Squibb
07. Intuit
06. Chevron
05. Amgen
04. Adobe
03. Total Quality Logistics
02. Nike
01. Keller Williams Realty

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